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From 2015, S.P.Enterprises ventured into Medical Packaging under the Brand Name “ Steril Medipac™”. Products that come directly in contact with a Patient’s body in an operation theatre need to be sterilized to minimize microbial load and chances of cross infection. Medical Packaging manufactured by S.P.Enterprises helps in sterilization of the medical instruments by Gamma, Plasma, EO (Ethylene oxide gas), Steam and other sterilization processes.

S.P.Enterprises soon acquired EN 868 and ISO 13485 Quality Certifications. S.P.Enterprises started supplying Medical Packaging for Medical Disposables, Sutures, Stents, Surgical Blades, Surgical Gloves, Swabs, First Aid Plasters, Blood Bags and numerous other medical applications. In 2020, S.P.Enterprises started their second manufacturing unit at Tronica City, Ghaziabad. The Unit has clean room production facilities in line with company vision of catering to Medical and Pharmaceutical Companies.

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Steril Medipac assures Quality and Care in manufacturing os its Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging Products which maximizes Brand Recognition, building a permanent impression of Trust in Customer's mind.

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Leading the Way in Medical Packaging

With a vision to revolutionize the packaging industry, S.P. Industry started its journey back in 1978 and was established to provide innovative and high-quality packaging material. Our establishment was driven to cater to the packaging needs of food manufacturers and Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) across India.

Founding story

We started our journey by providing food packaging solutions for prestigious brands including Britannia Industries, Modern Bread, and Flurys. Back then, companies preferred wax packaging paper as it was not only an economical option but also helped in preventing moisture and keeping the bread away from mold formation.

Even today, wax paper continues to remain a first choice in Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), where providing fresh food is the key. With a relentless dedication to providing quality and customer satisfaction, we quickly established ourselves as a leader in the packaging industry.

Growing Years

In 2015, S.P. Enterprises diversified into medical packaging, under the brand name "Steril Medipac™." Recognizing the critical need for sterilized medical instruments to minimize infection risks during surgeries, Steril Medipac™ provides medical paper and sterile medical packaging solutions, compatible with various sterilization processes such as gamma, plasma, EO (ethylene oxide gas), and steam.

Because of our EN 868 and ISO 13485 Quality Certifications, we can provide a large selection of certified medical packaging, including a wide range of medical paper products, for a variety of elements, such as blood bags, surgical blades, sutures, stents, gloves, swabs, and plasters.

Following this, we established a second manufacturing facility in Tronica City, Ghaziabad, in 2020, which was another accomplishment. The unit has clean room manufacturing capabilities, which was a perfect fit with our main goal of serving the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Expanding our portfolio in 2023, we ventured into kraft paper bag manufacturing to simultaneously meet the ever-changing needs of QSRs along with the healthcare and medical industry. We offer an array of packaging kraft paper along with Oil and grease-resistant (OGR) Paper Bags and Glassine Paper Bags.

We have earned the trust of a global clientele with our continuous commitment to deliver unparalleled quality in medical packaging solutions. S.P. Enterprises has always prioritized stringent food safety and environmental standards and compliance certificates from esteemed organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and BRCGS helps us establish ourselves as one of the most reliable Kraft paper bag manufacturers in the country.

Since its inception, we have taken pride in the fact that our company has remained true to its core values and continues to serve its mission of meeting the evolving needs of the customers in the packaging industry and is also a well-known name among the medical packaging companies.

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