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Medical Paper Pouch Manufacturers
About Us

S.P.Enterprises was started in 1978 by Mr Naresh Chand Jain, an Electrical Engineer from BITS Ranchi. He had a rich experience in manufacturing of flexible packaging and catering to the likes of Hindustan Lever, Amrit Banaspati, DCM Groups and many other leading FMCG companies of the time.

In 2005, the management of S.P.Enterprises was handed over to his son Mr Anuj Kumar Jain, a trained Architect and a Double Post Graduate from University of Nottingham and AA London and also a Chartered Member of Royal Institute of British Architects. He has interest in Design and Innovation and has integrated his passion with Packaging development for diverse products. He enjoys exploring new raw materials, experimenting with applications of raw materials, researching on and customizing production machinery, standardizing performance parameters for new products and developing Production and Quality S.O.Ps.

S.P. Enterprise’s first product offering was wax coated paper for packaging of bread and fresh compressed yeast. Wax coated Paper is heat sealable, breathable and able to retain moisture within the packaged product. In order to keep bread fresh and soft wax coated paper is still one of the most preferred packaging solution around the world. Fresh compressed yeast releases carbon dioxide which gets vented through permeable wax coated paper and avoids mold formation inside the package. Since formation, S.P. Enterprises has exported wax coated papers across the globe from Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Kenya, Rwanda, Israel, UK to all the way to Columbia.

Numerous other kind of Food and FMCG packaging products such as Chewing gum wrap, Soap wrap, Shrink Sleeve Labels and Sleeves, 2/3 layer Laminates, pouches were also developed and added along the first few years and supplied domestically as well as exported to countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

From 2015, S.P.Enterprises ventured into Medical Packaging and launched a Medical Packaging Company under the Brand Name “Steril Medipac™”. Recognising that products that come directly in contact with a Patient’s body in an operation theatre need to be sterilized to minimize microbial load and chances of cross infection, S.P.Enterprises took the onus of being responsible medical paper pouch manufacturers. Medical Packaging manufactured by S.P.Enterprises helps in sterilization of the medical instruments by Gamma, Plasma, EO (Ethylene oxide gas), Steam and other sterilization processes.

S.P.Enterprises soon acquired EN 868 and ISO 13485 Quality Certifications. Becoming one of the top medical paper pouch manufacturers, S.P.Enterprises started supplying Medical Packaging for Medical Disposables, Sutures, Stents, Surgical Blades, Surgical Gloves, Swabs, First Aid Plasters, Blood Bags and numerous other medical applications. In 2020, S.P.Enterprises’ medical packaging company started its second manufacturing unit at Tronica City, Ghaziabad. The unit has clean room production facilities in line with company vision of catering to Medical and Pharmaceutical Companies.

In 2021, S.P.Enterprises added manufacturing of Induction Sealing Wads to its product portfolio. These Induction Sealing wads are used in wide variety of applications such as Packaging of Pharmaceutical Syrups, Volatile Chemicals, Food and FMCG Products. Induction Sealing Wads help protect the contents of a container from contamination by sealing the container mouth. Induction seals have to be designed to maintain a perfect seal while withstanding volatility of the container contents and at the same time maintaining optimum oxygen and moisture barrier for the contents.

In the near Future, S.P.Enterprises is looking to launch Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging Foils and Eco Friendly Packaging Papers. This will further strengthen the Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Portfolio of S.P.Enterprises, making it one of the fastest growing medical paper pouch manufacturers.

S.P.Enterprises thrives with product innovations developed painstakingly with years of Research & Development devoted to each New Product. It is their constant endeavor to manufacture quality packaging products consistently, exceeding customer satisfaction and hence becoming integral partners in their progress.

Medical Packaging Company


Processing Machinery

- 8 & 10 Colour Rotogravure Presses with Printing width upto 1000mm

- Dry lamination/ Coating machine(s) with Corona Treaters on both Primary and Secondary Unwinders – width 1050mm

- Wax Coating machine(s) – width upto 900mm

- Hot Melt Coating machine – width upto 900mm

- Wax Lamination machine(s) - width upto 800mm

- Vertical Power Press(es) - width upto 250mm

- Horizontal Power Press(es) - width upto 400mm

- Zipper Standup Pouching Machine - width upto 500mm

- Medical Pouching machine(s) – width upto 425mm

- Medical Roll Pouching machine(s) – width upto 450mm

- Shrink Sleeve Gluing machine - width upto 450mm

- Point Cutting machine - width upto 450mm

- Drum based Slitting Machine(s) - width upto 1050mm

- Cantilevered Slitting Machine - width upto 1050mm

Ancillary Machinery

- Hot Air Generators and Thermic Fluid Heater upto 1.5 Lac Kcal

- Chiller and Cooling Tower(s) upto 8Tr Capacity

- Pre Melter(s) upto 500kg Capacity

- Pallet Truck(s) upto 1500Kg capacity

- Stretch film automatic wrapping machine

- Chamber type Shrink wrapping machine

- Water Treatment RO Plant(s) upto 250LPH capacity

Laboratory Facilities

- Tensile Strength Tester

- Paper Burst Strength Tester

- Pouch Balloon Burst Tester

- Bond Strength Tester

- Vacuum Leak Tester

- Stability Chamber

- Paper Moisture Analyser

- Colour Matching Cabinet

- Paper COBB Value Tester

- Paper GSM Tester

Induction sealing wads

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