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Food Packaging

Food Packaging

  • PaperHot Food Wrap
    Hot Food Wrapping Paper

    Hot Dog, Burgers, Fries and Sandwiches are best enjoyed hot and what better place to have them, then at any fast-food joint or take away outlet. Fast... Read More

  • Waxed Paper
    Waxed Paper

    Wax paper packaging refers to the use of wax-coated paper for wrapping or containing various products. Wax coated paper is a type of paper that has be... Read More

  • Yeast Packaging
    Yeast Packaging

    Most of us consume products that are made out of yeast such as bread, sandwich, jam, cheese etc. It is this prime ingredient which makes them fluffy a... Read More

  • Bubble Gum Paper
    Bubble Gum Wrapping Paper

    We all love chewing gums; for some it is a favourite pass time and for some it is an easy way to shed that extra face fat. They contain added flavour... Read More

  • Candy Wax Wrapper
    Candy Wax Wrapper

    Bubble gum wrapping wrapper is a type of packaging material used to enclose and protect individual candies. It is typically made from a thin layer of... Read More

  • Handle Paper bag manufacturers
    Paper Carry Bags

    Paper carry bags or Brown paper bags or Square Bottom paper bags as they are commonly known are a popular and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags... Read More

  • Sos paper bag suppliers
    SOS Paper Bags

    SOS paper bags, also known as self-opening sacks, are a popular choice for businesses and individuals who are looking for a reliable and eco-friendly... Read More

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