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  • Bubble Gum Wrapping Paper

    We all love chewing gums; for some it is a favourite pass time and for some it is an easy way to shed that extra face fat. They contain added flavour or pulp, which when chewed tastes really good. Some people also chew gums to keep bad breath away and to feel a unique fresh cool sensation. They give much required exercise for whole mouth to make gums stronger and also make our teeth look whiter in appearance.

    Chewing gum should be chewy and fresh with added qualities of being resilient and soft. All these unique qualities of a chewing gum depend upon one factor i.e., right moisture content which can only be maintained for longer time if packed in an air tight gum wrapper therefore many companies engaged into manufacturing of chewing gums prefer quality gum packaging especially when they know, their product will also be exported to different Countries.

    A quality chewing gum wrappers laminate offers good moisture and aroma barrier. In most cases, bubble gum wrapping papers are either manufactured from aluminium foil laminate or wax paper; then they are further wrapped (secondary packaging) where the printed portion exhibits company’s logo and marketing campaign.

    We provide world class gum packaging solutions to our clients; We offer Stick gum wrapper which is specially made to wrap bubble gum, Foil is laminated to a thin paper backing with Wax which helps to prevent the bubble gum from sticking. Bubble gum wrapper is made from food safe aluminium foil and is unique for its dead soft folding that wraps bubble gums securely.

    We make sure we churn out the best chewing gum wrappers laminate which not only retain aroma of the gum but keep them safe from outer impurities as well. Being a quality obsessed company, we understand that items of consumption are sensitive to the outer air; hence they require packaging which keeps the content in its original shape and flavour. So, we make sure we follow standards followed by rest of the world.

    We have designed our Bubble gum Wrapping paper to run optimally on printing and converting machinery. Likewise, our papers are resilient enough to withstand the strenuous converting process without tearing or breaking.

    Salient Features

    • Superior barrier properties support strong, flavourful and fresh-tasting gum
    • Our papers support the shielding of chewing gum from exposure to moisture and light
    • Ideal for both zigzag and straight cut wrapper edges
    • Individually wrapped gum is the preferred format of consumers
    • Stylish
    • Our papers support the addition of extra branding elements with all over colour for chewing gum wrap
    • Our papers run at optimal efficiency on chewing gum converting and packaging machinery

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