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Food Packaging
  • Candy Wax Wrapper

    Bubble gum wrapping wrapper is a type of packaging material used to enclose and protect individual candies. It is typically made from a thin layer of paraffin paper or foil that is designed to prevent the candy from sticking to the wrapper and to keep it fresh.

    The wax coating on the Bubble gum wrapping wrapper provides a barrier between the bubblegum and the paper, preventing moisture from seeping in and causing the bubblegum to become stale or lose its texture. Additionally, the wax coating makes it easier to unwrap the candy without it sticking to the wrapper.

    Bubble gum wrapping wrapper come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, depending on the candy manufacturer and the type of bubblegum being wrapped. Bubble gum wrapping wrappers often feature vibrant designs, logos, or images related to the candy brand or flavor to make them visually appealing.

    What is Paraffin paper

    Paraffin paper, also known as wax paper or waxed paper, is a type of paper that has been coated with a thin layer of paraffin wax. Paraffin paper is a versatile material that provides moisture resistance, a non-stick surface, and preservation qualities. It has great applications in food packaging such as for Deli wax paper and Wax patty paper sheets.

    What is Deli wax paper

    Deli wax paper, also known as deli wrap or sandwich wrap, is a specific type of Paraffin paper commonly used in delis, sandwich shops, and food service establishments. It is designed for wrapping sandwiches, burgers, and other deli items to keep them fresh and secure during storage or transport.

    Deli wax paper has a wax coating that provides a moisture-resistant barrier. This helps to prevent the contents of the sandwich or deli item from becoming soggy or losing their texture. The wax coating on deli wax paper offers grease resistance, making it suitable for containing items with greasy or oily components, such as meats or dressings. It helps to prevent the grease from seeping through the paper, keeping the sandwich or deli item clean and easy to handle.

    Deli wax paper has a non-stick surface, allowing the wrapped sandwich or deli item to be easily unwrapped without sticking to the paper. This makes it convenient for customers to open and consume their food without any hassle. Deli wax paper is often used in food service establishments due to its food-safe properties. It helps maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the food by acting as a protective barrier, preventing direct contact between the food and the surrounding environment.

    Uses of Deli wax paper

    Deli wax paper can also be used for portion control purposes. It can be pre-cut into specific sizes or shapes to wrap sandwiches or deli items consistently, ensuring standardized portion sizes and facilitating efficient service. Some deli wax papers can be customized with logos, designs, or branding elements. This allows businesses to add a personalized touch to their food packaging, enhancing their brand identity and creating a professional appearance. Deli wax paper is typically available in pre-cut sheets or rolls, making it easy to use and customize for different types of sandwiches or deli items.

    What is Wax patty paper sheets

    Wax patty paper sheets, also known as paraffin paper sheets or waxed paper sheets, are specifically designed for use in food preparation, particularly in the context of burger patty preparation. These sheets are coated with a layer of wax to provide several benefits during the handling and storage of food items.

    Wax patty paper sheets have a non-stick surface that prevents food items, such as burger patties, from sticking to the paper. This makes it easier to separate and handle individual portions without damaging their shape or texture. The wax coating on the paper provides a moisture-resistant barrier, helping to prevent moisture loss or absorption. This is particularly beneficial for meat items, as it helps retain their natural juices and flavors.

    Wax patty paper sheets are often used for wrapping and storing patties in the freezer. The wax coating helps protect the patties from freezer burn and maintains their quality during extended storage. Wax patty paper sheets are food-grade and designed to meet safety and hygiene standards. They provide a clean and sanitary surface for handling food items, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. These sheets are often pre-cut into specific sizes or shapes, allowing for consistent portioning of patties. This ensures uniformity in size and weight, which can be crucial for food service establishments or commercial meat processing. Wax patty paper sheets are typically interleaved or stacked together, making it easy to grab individual sheets as needed. This facilitates efficient and hygienic handling during food preparation.

    Wax patty paper sheets are commonly used in delis, food processing facilities, and restaurants for the efficient and safe handling of meat products. They contribute to maintaining food quality, preventing sticking, and facilitating portion control.

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