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Food Packaging
  • Hot Food Wrapping Paper

    Hot Dog, Burgers, Fries and Sandwiches are best enjoyed hot and what better place to have them, then at any fast-food joint or take away outlet. Fast Food joints generally make use of burger paper or hot food wrapping papers for their delicious offerings. It is not possible to wrap food items such as burgers in tissue paper because of the high fat content. Waxed paper helps in preventing butter/fat and cheese from sticking and sandwiches from sogging. Wax paper coupled with aluminium foil provides for effective heat retention keeping burgers and rolls hot.

    We provide one stop destination for burger paper, hot food wrapping papers, monolayer films,insulated foil wrap sheets and waxed paper perfect for wrapping hot food items in your restaurant, cafe, concession stand, snack bar, or food truck to lock in heat, keeping everything from hot sandwiches, burritos, and subs to juicyburgers and baked potatoes hot and ready to eat. We provide plain and printed wrappers with up to 8 colour design. Our wax coated paper and paper foil wrappers for burgers come with high grease and moisture resistance qualities preventing grease leakage and keep your customers' hands clean while maintaining an appetizing appearance on the grab-and-go shelves at your cafe, bakery and convenience stores.

    The food wrap paper provided by us keeps food items fresh, perfect to carry food items outside. Being a sensible and responsible company, all the packaging solutions provided by us are 100% safe and environment friendly.

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