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Food Packaging
  • SOS Paper Bags

    SOS paper bags, also called Stand-on-Shelf bags, have a look very similar to that of brown Kraft paper bags. Nonetheless, these totes are sturdier and feature a convenient top carry handle. There has been a significant uptick in the use of SOS bags for transporting canned goods and other packaged beverages. Kids and adults alike use them daily to transport their lunches to and from school and work. Modernized SOS paper bags are available in a rainbow of hues. So, they are useful as a paper bag packing option for food serving and giving presents.

    Significant Features:

    • They are self-supporting and self-opening after the product is filled
    • Custom printing is possible
    • When compared to plastic bags, these are much stronger and can carry more weight.
    • Made with premium paper
    • A powerful tool for spreading the word about your company's products or services through advertising.
    • Conveniently compressed into a flat pack.

    The many uses for paper SOS paper bags demonstrate their flexibility as a packaging material. Paper counter bags, paper satchels, paper SOS bags, paper flat bottom bags, and plain old handle-less Kraft paper bags are all names for the same thing.

    Smaller things can be packaged neatly and attractively in SOS paper bags, making them perfect for use in stores selling everything from greeting cards to craft supplies to pharmaceuticals to accessories. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from investing in these self-standing bags because of their versatility, low production costs, and little environmental impact.

    SOS Paper bags that open on their own are sturdy enough to carry many objects, such as takeout orders. As they are self-supporting, they take up little space when being transported. These bags can be recycled, composted, and reused indefinitely.

    They are suitable for packing-

    • Warm Contents
    • Frozen Materials
    • Hot Food
    • Contents of Mild Grease

    Types of SOS Paper Bags

    • Small Paper Bags- Small SOS-style snack bags are perfect for lunches, appetizers, and bites. typically used to fried foods and single servings.
    • Recycled Brown Paper Bags- Choose from recycled brown paper bags that can withstand grease that is 100 % recycled. Simply select the bag size you desire for your business!
    • Colored SOS Bags- These bags are strong and have square bottoms allowing them to stand up independently. These bags satisfy wide range of needs, from large paper takeout bags to tiny retail bags.
    • Grease Resistant Recycled Bags- Available in a variety of sizes, these are made of high-quality grease-proof paper that never leaks onto other items.
    • Grease Resistant SOS Bags – Colored- You can't go wrong with our colored paper SOS bags by choosing from a variety of colors and sizes!

    The SOS paper bags made by Steril Medipac are completely biodegradable and eco-friendly. Our bespoke SOS window paper bags provide unlimited wrapping paper packaging alternatives while remaining inexpensive. The experts at Steril Medipac can assist you in designing the ideal SOS paper bags for use in retail and marketing campaigns.

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