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  • SOS Paper Bags

    SOS paper bags, also known as self-opening sacks, are a popular choice for businesses and individuals who are looking for a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. These bags are made from high-quality kraft paper, which is a type of paper that is produced from wood pulp. Kraft paper is known for its strength and durability, which makes it ideal for carrying heavy items such as groceries, books, and other items. Though all Kraft paper bag manufacturers offer Paper Carry bags, At Steril Medipac we also specialize in a vast variety of sos paper bags.

    SOS paper bags are called self-opening sacks because they have a unique design that allows them to open automatically when you pick them up. Kraft paper bag manufacturers make these bags from a single piece of paper that is folded in such a way that it creates a square bottom and two side gussets. The gussets allow the bag to expand and hold more items, while the square bottom ensures that the bag remains stable and does not tip over when you set it down.

    Additionally, SOS paper bags are fully recyclable and biodegradable, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice. Infact this is one of the biggest advantages of SOS paper bags is that they are a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. Plastic bags are a major source of pollution, and they can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. When plastic bags are not disposed of properly, they can end up in our oceans and harm marine life. By using SOS paper bags instead of plastic bags, you can help to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. When looking for Printed paper bags look for manufacturers that offer eco-friendly Printing options such as use of water based inks.

    Another advantage of SOS paper bags is that they are very affordable. Unlike plastic bags, which can be expensive to produce and transport, SOS paper bags are made from a renewable resource and are easy and inexpensive to manufacture. This makes them a cost-effective choice for businesses and individuals who are looking for an affordable and eco-friendly option.

    SOS paper bags offered by Kraft paper bag manufacturers are also very versatile. They can be used for a wide range of purposes, including carrying groceries, books, clothes, and other items. They are also great for packaging products such as food (Flour, Sugar, Pasta, Coffee, Tea, Rice and Cereals), cosmetics, PET food and other consumer goods.

    In addition to being eco-friendly, affordable, and versatile, SOS paper bags are also very easy to use. They are lightweight and easy to carry, and they are designed to open automatically when you pick them up. This makes them a convenient choice for anyone who needs to carry items from one place to another.

    In conclusion, SOS paper bags are a great alternative to plastic bags. They are made from a renewable resource, they are customizable, and they are very affordable. Additionally, they are eco-friendly, versatile, and easy to use. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, SOS paper bags are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable and sustainable way to carry items.

    When considering a Kraft paper bag manufacturer, it's important to evaluate factors such as the manufacturer's reputation, quality of their products, customization options, pricing, minimum order quantities, lead times, and their commitment to sustainability.

    Some of the features of our SOS bags include:

    • Choice of 100% Recycled brown, white, or colored paper bags
    • Square corner flat bottom
    • Choice of regular SOS paper bagsor grease-resistant SOS flat-bottom lunch bags
    • Suitable for Direct Food Packaging of products such as Flour, Sugar, Pasta, Coffee, Tea, Rice and Cereals.
    • 2-ply bags
    • Lamination Inside or outside the bag, to obtain an increased matte or shiny finish, depending on the selected film.
    • Solid color printed paper bags
    • Printed paper bagswith your logo on the front of all sides
    • An effective advertising medium for promoting your brand
    • Packed flat for easy storage
    • Can be custom-printed up to 10 colors
    • Paper Bags are compostable

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