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Food Packaging
  • Yeast Packaging

    Most of us consume products that are made out of yeast such as bread, sandwich, jam, cheese etc. It is this prime ingredient which makes them fluffy and soft. Yeast is basically used in the baking and brewing industry. This clearly signifies, that since yeast acts an important ingredient for the food industry, the need to have it packed in special packaging paper also arises, so that people can buy it from retail stores for personal use. Therefore, to preserve yeast, the need for yeast packaging was felt dearly.

    Yeast packaging requires high barrier properties towards moisture and grease. Mostly yeast packaging material is made out of wax paper as it allows moisture retention while allowing carbon dioxide to escape. Moisture retention is important to keep yeast fresh. Trapping of carbon di oxide causes fungus development on yeast which spoils the yeast and reduces shelf life.

    Weare pioneers in the field of packaging offering all types of packaging and wrappers related solutions to its customers. For more than 20 years now, it has been supplying wrappers to pack fresh compressed yeast. Our success in India has caused us to think and venture into foreign markets as well. Our packaging solutions have won us accolades from many quarters and all credit goes to the team of professionals and advanced technologies we engage in our working to churn out world class packaging and wrapper.

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