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Induction Seals
  • SPE-HS-123

    SPE - HS - 123 Induction seals are 2 pieces 4 layer wads which are used in HDPE containers. SPE-HS-123 is used for packing of dry products. SPE-HS-123 gives credible air and moisture barrier to the container increasing the product shelf life. SPE-HS-123 typically consists of heat seal PE film, aluminium foil, wax coating & pulp board.

    After induction sealing, SPE - HS – 123 wads splits into bottom foil laminate part which seals with container neck and top pulpboard part that fits inside the cap. To enable 2 piece SPE - HS – 123 wads to give a tight seal, wad thickness can be varied according to the gap left between the bottleneck and inside of cap. Seal strength is dependent upon the thickness of foil laminate and can be customised by our technicians as per product or customer requirements to give an appropriate solution. Some of the Industries which use SPE-HS-123 for the packing of dry products are- Pharmaceutical industry, food industry, dairy industry and spice industry.

    Significant Features:

    Innerseal Structure : Heat Seal/ Foil/ Wax/ Pulp Board

    Bottle Material : PE

    Seal Feature : Weld Seal or Clean Peel

    Applications : Dairy, Food, Pharmaceutical, etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: What are the advantages of using clean peel as against weld seal wads?

      Ans: Clean peel completely removes the sealant layer from the bottle neck which is preffered in food and pharmaceutical industry.

    2. Q: Is the sealant layer safe for direct food contact?

      Ans: Yes

    3. Q: Can SPE - HS – 123 be supplied as a wad liner?

      Ans : Yes

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