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Induction Seals
  • SPE-HS-135

    SPE - HS-135 Induction seals are 2 pieces 5 layer induction wads. They can be used for packaging both dry or liquid contents. SPE -HS - 135 has a typical structure consisting of heat seal material (PE/ PP/ PET), aluminium foil, polyester film, wax, and pulp board which gives it high seal strength properties and good resistance to food products, oils, and chemicals.

    This type of induction wads are mostly used to pack ketchup/sauce, coconut water, lube oil, condiments, dressings etc. Seal strength is typically dependent on laminate thickness which can be altered by changing thickness of raw materials. SPE-HS-135 can be customised to give desired seal strength. It is also possible to provide printing on SPE-HS-135 wads as per customer requirements.

    Significant Features:

    Innerseal Structure: Heat Seal/ Foil/ PET/ Wax/ Pulp Board

    Bottle Material: PE, PP

    Seal Feature: Clean Peel (no residue)

    Applications: Ketchup/ Sauce, Juice, Condiments, Dressings, etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: What is the role of PET layer in SPE-HS-135 wads?

      Ans: PET layer makes the bottom laminate of wad robust so that there is no leakage and the container contents remain safe.

    2. Q: Can sealant layer be made sealable in SPE-HS-135?

      Ans: Yes it's possible

    3. Q: Can SPE-HS-135 be made with 2 or 3 sided Pull Tabs?

      Ans: Yes its possible

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