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Induction Seals
  • SPE-HS-165

    SPE - HS – 165 type bottle seal for containers are 2 pieces 4 layer induction wads which are used for PET or PVC containers. They give excellent seal strength limiting air and moisture ingress into the container and hence increasing the product shelf life. Nowadays, lots of food products are packed in PET or PVC jars so SPE-HS-165 is a popular choice for the packaging of food products.

    SPE-HS-165 typically consists of heat seal layer, aluminium foil, wax and pulp board. After induction sealing of wad on PET or PVC container, foil laminate and pulp board get split in two separate parts. The bottom foil laminate layer gets sealed with the container neck and the pulp board remains inside the cap.

    Induction Wad thickness can be varied according to the bottle neck and the cap gap. Seal strength is dependent upon the thickness of foil laminate which can be designed as per customer requirements.

    Some typical applications of SPE-HS-165 type bottle seal for containers are for packaging of toffee, chocolate, peanut butter, juice, soft drinks, ketchup, edible oil etc.

    Significant Features:

    Innerseal Structure: Heat Seal / Foil / Wax / Pulp Board

    Bottle Material: PET,PVC

    Bottle Seal Feature: Clean Peel (no residue)

    Applications: Peanut Butter, Edible Oils, Juice / Drink, Ketchup, etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q : Can SPE - HS – 165 be printed with company branding?

      Ans : Yes

    2. Q: Can SPE - HS – 165 have pull tab(s)?

      Ans: Yes

    3. Q: Is the sealant layer of SPE - HS - 165 suitable for coming in direct contact with food?

      Ans : Yes

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