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Induction Seals

    SPE safe seal five-layer wad is manufactured for use with HDPE bottles and containers. As the name suggests SPE safe seal induction wads are highly recommended for applications with high barrier seal requirements. These types of wads have high chemical resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance & seal strength. Most common applications are in the chemical industry & pesticide industry.

    SPE safe seal five layer wad structure consists of heat seal layer, PET, aluminium foil, wax & pulp board. As per customer requirements, seal strength and thickness of induction wads can be changed with change of thickness of raw material layers.

    After induction sealing the wax coated on aluminium layer wad, melts and the wad splits into top layer which remains inside the cap and a bottom layer which remains stuck to the bottle neck. Top layer with the pulpboard provides a tight packing between the cap and bottle neck while the bottom layer seals the top of bottle neck and keeps the contents safe.

    Significant Features:

    Innerseal Structure: PE / PET / Alu / Wax / Pulp Board

    Bottle Material: PE-containers

    Seal Feature: Weld Seal or Temper Seal

    Applications: For Pesticide

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: Why is high pressure resistance important in SPE safe seal five layer wads?

      Ans : Chemicals and pesticides often give off gaseous vapours which create pressure inside the container. The wads needs to be suitably designed to bear this pressure created inside the container.

    2. Q: How is the seal integrity of these wads checked?

      Ans: SPE safe seal five layer wad are sealed on top of the HDPE container filled with water and kept inside the vacuum leak testing machine. The vacuum creates negative pressure and if the wad is not properly sealed on the container, it will come off and the water will spill out.

    3. Q: How is the size of the wad ascertained?

      Ans: Size of the wad is decided according to the design of the bottle cap. The wad has to seal and tight fit the gap between the bottle neck and the cap.

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