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Induction Seals

    SPE safe seal eight-layer wad is suitable for all types of plastic bottles such as PET bottles, HDPE bottles & PP bottles. These kinds of 2- piece eight-layer sealing wads for PET bottles are most commonly used in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and pesticide industry.

    SPE Safe seal 8 layer sealing wads for PET bottles are highly recommended for their high barrier properties offering better chemical resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, and sealing properties.

    Typical eight layer wads are made of a sealing layer film, PET, aluminium foil, Paper, wax, PET, Paper & Paperboard. The strength & thickness of induction wads can be changed by changing the specifications of the raw material.

    After induction sealing, the wax coating on aluminium foil laminate melts and wad gets spilt in two parts. Both parts have a polyester layer which provides good reaction resistance between the product and the seal while the bottle is unopened. And even after opening the bottle, ie getting rid of the bottom part of wad to take out the bottle contents and closing the cap again with only the top part of the wad inside it.

    Therefore SPE Safe seal 8 layer sealing wads for PET bottles are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Significant Features:

    Innerseal Structure: Heat seal / PET / Foil / Paper / Wax / PET / Paper / Paperboard

    Bottle material: PE / PP / PET

    Seal Feature: Weld seal or Clean Peel

    Applications: Antibiotic Powders / Syrups, Moisture and Oxygen-sensitive Pharma formulations etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: SPE Safe seal 8 layer induction wads can be used with what type of containers?

      Ans : PET bottles, HDPE bottles & PP bottles

    2. Q: What is the role of paperboard in SPE Safe seal 8 layer induction wads?

      Ans: Paperboard provides the bulk in a wad. It makes a tight contamination proof seal possible.

    3. Q: Can branding be done on the wad?

      Ans: PET layer can be printed with the branding.

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