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Induction Seals

    SPE safe Vent 5 layer induction wads are used for sealing PET bottles & HDPE bottles containing chemicals that give off vapours and create high or low-pressure conditions inside the container. To keep the seal integrity, a membrane vent is inlaid within the wad which helps in equalizing the pressure inside the container while still maintaining a tamper and contamination-proof seal.

    Due to breathable property SPE safe Vent 5 layer induction wads are highly recommended for use in food industry, chemical industry & pesticide industry. They have high chemical resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance & seal strength. Typical breathable induction vented wads are made of heat seal material, pet, aluminium foil, wax and pulp board with membrane inlay. The structure, strength & thickness of vented induction wads can be customised by changing layer structure of the laminate.

    Significant Features:

    Innerseal Structure: Heat Seal/PET / Alu / Wax / Paperboard with membrane filter

    Bottle Material: PET / PE-containers

    Seal Feature: Weld Seal or Temper Seal

    Applications: For Pesticides, Agro Chemicals

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: What happens if a normal 5 layer wad is used instead of a SPE safe Vent 5 layer induction wad?

      Ans: The buildup of gases within the container causes swelling and deformation which may lead to leakage.

    2. Q: What are the critical factors in selecting type of breathable vented induction wads?

      Ans: The selection of breathable vented induction wad is related to the nature of packaged liquid, sealing strength required, size of the container neck, vapour venting requirements, etc.

    3. Q: Is there chance of leakage from through the membrane inside the wad?

      Ans: No

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