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Induction Seals
  • SPE-UNI-HS-205

    SPE-UNI-HS-205 foil induction seal are 2 Piece 5 layer induction sealing wads. As the name suggests these wads are universal induction wads that can be used with all types of plastic bottles and glass bottles. SPE-UNI-HS-205 induction Wads consist of a sealing layer, aluminium foil, paper, wax, board.

    The heat seal layer material is changed as per the material of the container e.g. For glass bottle wads hot melt adhesive coating is used, for HDPE bottles heat seal polyethylene film is used, for PET bottles heat seal polyester film is used. So it’s possible to the seal SPE-UNI-HS-205 foil induction seal with all types of bottles.

    SPE-UNI-HS-205 foil induction seal is widely used for Food packaging and in Pharmaceutical packaging. These wads have high barrier seal strength, good printability and are safe for direct food contact.

    Significant Features:

    Innerseal Structure: Heat Seal / Foil / Paper / Wax / Pulp Board

    Bottle Material: Various plastic bottle materials and glass bottle (Universal)

    Seal Feature: Weld Seal or Temper Seal

    Applications: Various Foods, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, etc

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: Can the thickness of the pulp board be varied?

      A: Yes the pulpboard is available in a variety of grammages.

    2. Q: Can SPE-UNI-HS-205 have branding printed?

      A: Yes

    3. Q: Can SPE-UNI-HS-205 be designed to increase shelf life of packaged food product?

      A: Yes its possible.

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