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Medical Device Packaging
  • Header Bags
    Header Bags

    Medical devices that require protection against exposure to light, moisture or oxygen are packaged in Steril medipac’s Polyethylene or Polyamide film... Read More

  • breather bags
    Breather bags or Ribbon Pouches

    Steril Medipac’s Breather bags or Ribbon pouches are transparent bags made out of polyester/polyethylene films. They have a medical-grade paper ribbon... Read More

  • aluminium foil pouches
    Aluminium Foil Pouches

    Medical devices that are photosensitive or require high moisture resistance are packaged in Steril Medipac’s Aluminium foil-based pouches. Aluminium F... Read More

  • tyvek pouch
    Tyvek Pouches made of DUPONT® Tyvek

    Tyvek® is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Its unique labyrinth made out of layered filaments creates a tortuous maze for micro – or... Read More

  • sterilization rolls
    Tyvek Sterilization Rolls made of DUPONT® Tyvek

    Tyvek® Sterilization rolls are made out of Tyvek® membrane on the bottom web and transparent peelable film on the top web in complia... Read More

  • sterilization pouches
    Medical Grade Paper Sterilization Pouches

    Steril Medipac’s Medical Grade Paper Rolls and Pouches are made with 60 - 70 gsm paper on the bottom web heat-sealed with PET/PP copolymer film on... Read More

  • sterilization reels
    Medical Grade Paper Sterilization Reels

    Steril Medipac heat-sealable sterilization reels are available in a width of 5cm – 45cm. These reels are made from transparent PET/PP multi-layer copo... Read More

  • surgical gloves packaging
    Surgical Gloves Packaging

    Steril Medipac’s Surgical Gloves Pouches are made out of Lacquer coated Medical Grade Paper on top web and a Polycoated Paper on the bottom web. Once... Read More

  • First Aid Plaster Packaging
    First Aid Plaster Packaging

    Sterilmedipac’s First Aid Plaster Packaging is made out of Paper coated with Pressure-sensitive Adhesive. Therefore it can be sealed closed by applyin... Read More

  • Diagnostic Kits Packaging
    Diagnostic Kits Packaging

    Sterilmedipac’s Diagnostic Kit Pouches are made out of multi-layer laminated Polymeric film. The laminate consists of a reverse-printed polyester film... Read More

  • Surgical Suture Packaging
    Surgical Suture Packaging

    Steril Medipac’s Aluminium Foil based laminates for packaging of sutures are multilayer structures combining layers of Polyester film, Paper, Alumini... Read More

  • Easy Peel Coated Medical Grade Paper
    Easy Peel Coated Medical Grade Paper

    Easy peel coated medical grade paper gives lint free clean peel when used for making medical grade paper pouches or blister packs. The surface of the... Read More

  • tyvek medical packaging
    Tyvek Medical Packaging-Coated DupontTM Tyvek®

    Coated DupontTM Tyvek® medical packaging film is a highly preferred sterile packaging substrate because of its very high microbia... Read More

  • induction sealing wads for glass bottles
    Induction Sealing Wads and Liner-SPE -HS- 130

    SPE - HS-130 Induction sealing wads for glass bottles are 2 pieces 5 layer induction wads<... Read More

  • induction wads

    SPE - HS-135 Induction seals are 2 pieces 5 layer induction wads. They can be used for packaging both dry or liquid contents. SPE -HS - 135 has a typi... Read More

  • bottle seal for containers

    SPE - HS – 165 type bottle seal for containers are 2 pieces 4 layer induction wads which are used for PET or PVC containers. They give excellent seal... Read More

  • Foil Induction Seal

    SPE-UNI-HS-205 foil induction seal are 2 Piece 5 layer induction sealing wads. As the name suggests these wads are universal induction wads that can b... Read More

  • wads

    SPE safe seal eight-layer wad is suitable for all types of plastic bottles such as PET bottles, HDPE bottles & PP bottles. These kinds of 2- piece eig... Read More

  • Induction Sealing liner

    SPE safe seal five-layer wad is manufactured for use with HDPE bottles and containers. As the name suggests SPE safe seal induction wads are highly re... Read More

  • sealing wads for pet bottles

    SPE safe Vent 5 layer induction wads are used for sealing PET bottles & HDPE bottles containing chemicals that give off vapours and create high or low... Read More

  • foil seals for bottles

    SPE - HS - 123 Induction seals are 2 pieces 4 layer wads which are used in HDPE containers. SPE-HS-123 is used for packing of dry products. SPE-HS-123... Read More

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