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Food Packaging

Food Packaging

  • Hot Food Wrapping Paper
    Hot Food Wrapping Paper

    Hot Dog, Burgers, Fries and Sandwiches are best enjoyed hot and what better place to have them, then at any fast-food joint or take away outlet. Fa... Read More

  • Wax Paper Packaging
    Waxed Paper

    Packaging is the most essential thing for all products when it comes to increasing their shelf life. More so, if you are dealing w... Read More

  • Yeast Packaging
    Yeast Packaging

    Most of us consume products that are made out of yeast such as bread, sandwich, jam, cheese etc. It is this prime ingredient which makes them fluff... Read More

  • Bubble Gum Wrapping Paper
    Bubble Gum Wrapping Paper

    We all love chewing gums; for some it is a favourite pass time and for some it is an easy way to shed that extra face fat. They contain added flavo... Read More

  • Candy Wax Wrapper
    Candy Wax Wrapper

    Confectionery market is quite mature, in terms of packaging and distribution of its products. One would normally find confectionery items in attrac... Read More

  • Kraft Paper Bag Manufacturer
    Bleached and Unbleached Kraft Paper Bags

    Natural kraft paper is the strongest of the common packaging papers and is used when maximum strength is required, such as in indu... Read More

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