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Food Packaging
  • Waxed Paper

    Packaging is the most essential thing for all products when it comes to increasing their shelf life. More so, if you are dealing with food and related items which when come in contact with atmosphere and moisture, their quality deteriorates very easily. Wax paper packaging is one such packaging material used in contemporary times for packaging purposes. There are many advantages of waxed paper over conventional paper which is precisely the reason why it is still quite prevalent, in most parts of the world.

    Waxed paper is made moisture-proof by applying wax on the surface. As far as its applications go, it is used in confectionary items like toffees, candies, bubble gum sticks, cheese and dairy wraps, frozen meat etc. Wax paper is used a primary packaging in direct food contact and doesn’t let the impurities to come in contact with food product. Non-stick and resistant to changes in moisture, it helps to keep water in or out, so juicy foods stay moist and crunchy foods don’t get soggy. As a result, wax paper is excellent for both storing and presenting food.

    Wax paper coupled with aluminium foil provides for effective oxygen and moisture barrier. Foil laminated wax paper is also used for wrapping Butter and Cheese bars.

    We make sure that quality wax paper reaches the customers and for this, there is a separate state of the art laboratory especially dedicated for research and development purposes, well equipped to meet all the requisite food safety standards. Moreover, wax paper packaging easily flows through the machine while packing due to the presence of wax in it; hence it is really easy to work with. It provides many advantages both to the end user, B2B consumer and for printing purposes.

    Few more qualities of wax paper offered are as follows:

    • They have excellent stiffness and non-curl properties for increased speed and decreased waste.
    • Maximum retention ensures a tight hugged wrap.
    • Enhanced productivity on converting equipment through a fast sheet delivery.
    • Custom print and colour matching capabilities so that customized logos or prints can easily be churned out.
    • Wet strength aids in moist and wet processing environment.
    • Wax paper can be laminated to create heavier sheets or multiply sheets that can be separated.
    • Superior release characteristics prevent bun sticking to wrapper.
    • Non-wicking to retain product moisture and maintain package appearance.

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