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Sterilization Packaging Solutions
  • Aluminium Foil Pouches

    Medical devices that are photosensitive or require high moisture resistance are packaged in Steril Medipac’s Aluminium foil-based pouches. Aluminium foil paper bag is combined with Polyester and Polyamide or Polyester and Polyethylene based films. Aluminium Foil pouches are heat sealable, easily peelable or tearable and able to protect sharp edges of packaged devices. Aluminum foil pouches are sterilized by treating them with gamma radiation. Alternatively, they can be combined with a Tyvek® window for sterilization with EO (ethylene oxide gas).

    Significant Features:

    Aluminium foil paper bag & pouches are available as Peelable or Tearable pouch

    V-notch at the side of the pouch are provided for ‘tear opening’ the pouch.

    Peelable pouches have a chevron seal for easy peel opening of pouch.

    High moisture barrier gives long shelf life to packaged products

    Aluminum foil paper bags protect products from UV rays.

    Available in custom sizes and film structures


    Custom Multicolour Printing possible.

    Suitable for Packaging electronics, Precision components, Medical packaging devices and Pharmaceutical Salts

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: Why is the Aluminium sandwiched film considered the most suitable material for packaging of sensitive medical instruments such as stents, sutures, surgical blades etc?

      Ans: Metal based surgical instruments are often sharp, sensitive to moisture and air exposure, are of high value and require long shelf life. Requirement of all these properties necessitates the use of aluminum sandwiched film pouches.

    2. Q: Are aluminium foil paper bags and pouches safe for packaging medical instruments?

      Ans: Cytotoxicity tests are carried out to check the safety of packaging medical instruments in aluminium pouches.

    3. Q: Can aluminium pouch withstand high temperatures involved in autoclave sterilization?

      Ans: Yes

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