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Sterilization Packaging Solutions
  • Breather bags or Ribbon Pouches

    Steril Medipac’s Breather bags are transparent bags made out of polyester/polyethylene films. They have a medical-grade paper ribbon insert embedded within the pouch for enabling EO (ethylene oxide gas) to penetrate and sterilize the packaged medical devices. For easy gas penetration, about 4-8mm width space in the ribbon is maintained free from any sealing lap along the length of the pouch. These kinds of pouches are provided with a tear notch at one end, for easy opening. Ribbon pouches are one of the most universally used and cost-effective packaging solutions for the packaging of medical devices.

    Significant Features

    Steril Medipac’s Breather Bags have excellent porosity for enhanced sterilization cycle times

    High Visibility for Packaged products

    Can be multicolour custom printed

    Width of ribbon insert can be varied as per size of the Breather Bags

    Thickness of the pouch film can be varied from 35-62 microns

    Suitable for Packaging of Surgical instruments and Medical devices

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: What is the benefit of using higher thickness pouch film as against lower thickness pouch film?

      Ans: High thickness pouch film can safely carry more weight ie heavier medical instruments as against a lighter gauge film. However, a lighter thickness film is more cost-effective if a lighter instrument is to be packaged.

    2. Q: Is there any limitation of using breather bags for the packaging of medical devices?

      Ans: A breather bags cannot be made peelable while a medical grade paper pouch or a Tyvek® pouch is peelable.

    3. Q: What is the maximum possible width of a breather bag or ribbon pouch?

      Ans: The maximum width of a ribbon pouch or a breather bag is 225mm.

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