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Sterilization Packaging Solutions
  • Diagnostic Kits Packaging

    Sterilmedipac’s Diagnostic Kit Pouches are made out of multi-layer laminated Polymeric film. The laminate consists of a reverse-printed polyester film laminated to aluminium foil or metalized polyester film. This helps in giving high air and moisture barrier to the medical packaging. The bottom layer of this laminate is a polyethylene film which helps in heat sealing, closing the pouch, and securing the contents of the package. Customisation in sizes, composition of films used in the laminate and branding is possible. The packaging material is supplied in roll form and can be easily run on a form-fill-seal (ffs) machines for online packing of diagnostic kits.

    Significant Features:

    Photo Quality Multicolour Printing is possible

    Customised Sizes can be made

    Aluminium foil or Metalized Polyester barrier layer options are available.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: Why do diagnostic kits need high moisture and air barrier?

      The chemicals/ reagents used to diagnose are highly reactive in nature and are sensitive to exposure with moisture and air. Hence for longer shelf life and effective barrier, 3 layer laminate structure is used.

    2. Q: Can 3 side sealed pouches be supplied instead of rolls to package diagnostic kits?

      Ans: Yes its possible

    3. Q: Can bio-compatibility test reports be provided?

      Ans: Yes bio-compatibility tests can be commissioned on the packaged diagnostic kit with laminated structure and reports can be obtained from third-party testing facilities.

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