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Sterilization Packaging Solutions
  • Header Bag

    Medical devices that require protection against exposure to light, moisture or oxygen are packaged in Steril medipac’s Polyethylene or Polyamide film pouches. Polyethylene and Polyamide films offer high moisture and gas barrier. In order to sterilize such pouches, which are otherwise impenetrable by gases such as EO (ethylene oxide gas), a strip of Tyvek® or Medical packaging Paper is inserted in the pouch through which EO gas can pass through and sterilize the medical devices inside. Breathable Tyvek® membrane allows for moisture dissipation also, preventing aggregation of moisture inside the package developed due to intense heat during EO sterilization process. Steril Medipac’s Header Pouch is processed and manufactured in cleanroom environment. They are an affordable and high visibility packaging solution.

    Significant Features:

    Suitable for Packaging/ Sterilizing Surgical instruments, Medical devices, Cleanroom consumables, Pharmaceutical Salts

    Method of Sterilization - Steam, ETO, or Gamma Irradiation.

    Adjustable peel window locations available.

    Tyvek® or Paper window formats. Peel and non-peel formats.

    Available in:

    • Width: 2” up to 15” wide
    • Length: 8” up to 18” long

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: Can Header Bags be resealed after opening?

      Ans: No, Header bags cannot be resealed.

    2. Q: Can the Tyvek® window size be customized?

      Ans: Yes, Tyvek® window size can be customized.

    3. Q: Can ETO sterilization indicator be printed on Tyvek®/ Medical Paper window?

      Ans: Yes, sterilization indicator can be printed on Tyvek®/ Medical Paper window.

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