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  • Sterilization Pouches

    Steril Medipac’s sterilization pouches are made from certified medical grade paper with 60 - 70 gsm paper on the bottom web heat-sealed with PET/PP copolymer film on the top web. ISO 11607: 1 certified Medical Paper sourced from European paper Mills ensures clean peel (minimizing airborne lint particles emanating) during the opening of the paper sterilization pouches. Process indicators for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization can be applied on the paper surface and help to differentiate between sterilized and unsterilized packages. Stringent Quality checks such as checking for uniform seal width, peel strength, external and internal pouch dimensions, accuracy of thumb notch positioning are carried out on all Pouches to ensure Sterilization performance and safety of packaged medical packaging devices.

    Significant Features of Sterilization Pouches:

    Available in Transparent, Tinted Blue or Tinted Green Top web.

    Medical Paper pouches can be made with a thumb notch for ease of opening the pouch.

    Sterilization Pouches and rolls have imprinted Sterilization Indicators positioned outside the actual packing area to prevent ink imprints from seeping into the paper and contaminating the packaged product.

    Conform with international norms EN868.

    Easy to seal with all types of sealing machines.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: How is medical grade paper surface able to give lint free peel while opening paper sterilization pouches?

      Ans: Medical grade paper is made out of strong long fibre virgin wood pulp. Special additives are mixed in paper pulp for preparing the surface of paper so that paper fibre doesn’t give away while the pouch is peeled open.

    2. Q: Is medical grade paper available in different grammages for packaging of heavier items?

      Ans: Medical grade paper is normally available in 60 and 70gsm grammages.

    3. Q: Can medical sterilization pouches be used for gamma sterilization?

      Ans: Medical sterilization pouches are not considered suitable for gamma sterilization. Aluminium foil pouches or Tyvek® pouches are the preferred choice for gamma sterilization.

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