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Sterilization Packaging Solutions
  • Medical Grade Paper Sterilization Reels

    Steril Medipac heat-sealable sterilization reels are available in a width of 5cm – 45cm. These reels are made from transparent PET/PP multi-layer copolymer film on the top web, heat sealed to medical grade paper on the bottom web. The main advantage of using such sterilization reels as compared to Pouches is that reels can be cut according to the size of the packaged instrument and it is possible to customize the length of the pouch at the user end. Medical Grade paper is porous in nature and is penetrable by Ethylene oxide gas and steam which can be used for sterilization of medical instruments packaged in these reels. Product information and sterilization indicators for steam and/or ethylene oxide are printed on the paper surface of the sterilization reels. All process indicators are water based and non-toxic. They provide accurate and clear color changes after the sterilization process.

    Significant Features:

    Superior microbial barrier with 60gsm or 70gsm medical grade paper conforming EN 868-3

    Transparent, reinforced multilayer co-polymer PET/PP film

    ISO 11140-1 certified water based, non-toxic and accurate process indicators

    Three independent seal lines for easy peel opening.

    Excellent gas permeability for faster sterilization cycle times

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: Can the reel length be customized?

      Ans: Yes standard reel length is 200metres but in bulk orders reel length can be customized.

    2. Q: Can the reels be made in the Customer brand name?

      Ans: Yes it is possible. Customer has to provide the artwork and pay for the printing cylinders

    3. Q: Are the sterilization reels readily available or is there a lead time for production?

      Ans: Stock of Reels of sizes 5-40cm are normally available.

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