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Sterilization Packaging Solutions
  • Surgical Gloves Packaging

    Steril Medipac’s Surgical Gloves Pouches are made out of Lacquer coated Medical Grade Paper on top web and a Polycoated Paper on the bottom web. Once gloves are packed inside the pouch and sealed, they can be sterilized with Ethylene oxide gas that penetrates the medical grade paper. To take the gloves out, the pouch can be easily peeled open without any fiber tear or airborne lint particles. The surgical gloves packaging can also be custom printed as per client requirements. For online packing of gloves, rolls of printed lacquer coated medical paper and poly coated paper can be supplied separately as well. The paper has non-curling properties which enables faster machine speeds and less waste generation. Result is greater cost-efficiency which is a significant driver in the competitive healthcare industry.

    Significant Features:

    The surgical gloves packaging can be made Peelable or Tearable

    Product visibility is possible by making top web of the pouch with Transparent Film

    Can be Custom printed as per client requirement

    Can be made in Custom Sizes

    Available as ready pouches or as Top web and Bottom web Rolls

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q:Is multicolor printing possible on surgical gloves packaging ?

      A: Yes, multicolor printing is possible on surgical gloves pouches

    2. Q: What is the grammage of Grid Lacquer paper?

      A: Grammage of Grid Lacquer paper is 62-65gsm

    3. Q: What is the usual size of Surgical Gloves Pouch?

      A: The usual size of Surgical gloves pouch is 130mm wide by 230mm long.

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