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Sterilization Packaging Solutions
  • Surgical Suture Packaging

    Steril Medipac’s Aluminium Foil based laminates for packaging of sutures are multilayer structures combining layers of Polyester film, Paper, Aluminium foil and Easy Peel film. The laminate shows high barrier against moisture and air. Upon heat sealing the laminate shows high peel strength of more than 7.5N to keep the sutures secure from outside atmospheric conditions. The top and bottom web are provided as separate rolls to be used for online packaging of sutures. Multicolour printing with branding and technical specifications can be done on Polyester or Paper as per design given by the customer.

    Laminates can be manufactured in variety of custom sizes. Custom structures can also be developed for specific customer requirements. For development of new product packaging, Bio Compatibility tests can also be carried out with the packaging material upon customer request.

    Significant Features:

    High moisture and air barrier

    High Peel Strength

    Customised multicolor printing is possible

    Customised sizes are possible

    Suitable for sterilization by irradiation

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q :Why is Aluminium foil used in suture packaging?

      Ans : Aluminum foil provides a high barrier to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria. For this reason, foil is used extensively to make suture packaging.

    2. Q: Can suture pouches be made tearable instead of peelable?

      Ans : Yes, a tear notch can be provided to tear open the pouch. Tearable pouches are sometimes preferred compared to peelable pouches due to lower risk of compromise in seal integrity.

    3. Q: How can the safe shelf life of suture packaging be verified?

      Ans: The suture packaging can be subjected to accelerated aging tests for ascertaining safe shelf life.

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