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Sterilization Packaging Solutions
  • Tyvek Sterilization Rolls made of DUPONT® Tyvek

    Tyvek® Sterilization rolls are made out of Tyvek® membrane on the bottom web and transparent peelable film on the top web in compliance with EN 868-9 Standard. Tyvek membrane can be printed with product details. Water based, non-toxic sterilization indicators for Ethylene oxide gas or Steam or Hydrogen peroxide complying with ISO 13485 standards can also be printed on the Tyvek®surface and can help to differentiate between sterilized and non-sterilized packages. Stringent Quality checks such as balloon burst test, seal strength test, fibre tear on peel, shrinkage in seal area are carried out on all sterilization rolls to ensure Sterilization performance and safety of packaged medical packaging devices.

    Significant Features:

    Excellent microbial barrier properties

    Easy peel and High Aseptic Barrier

    Wide sealing temperature window

    Outstanding strength, durability, tear and puncture resistance

    Custom width and length of rolls possible

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: What are the different sterilization techniques that can be used with Tyvek® sterilization rolls?

      Ans: Virtually all kind of sterilization techniques including Gamma, Plasma, EO (ethylene oxide), and Steam can be used to sterilize Tyvek® rolls.

    2. Q: What are the different available grades of DuPontTM Tyvek?

      Ans: The most common Tyvek® grades available are 1073B (Grammage - 74.6gsm), 1059B (Grammage -64.4gsm) and 2FS (Grammage -59.5gsm)

    3. Q: Is Tyvek® available from other manufacturers apart from Dupont?

      Ans: No, Tyvek® is a proprietary product owned exclusively by Dupont worldwide.

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